Tim Gerdes, Photographer.
Let me help you tell your story, one frame at a time…


A Storyteller

I am a storyteller, and I would love to help you find your voice, harness the power of your story, and share it with the world. 

Some of these stories are shared in conversation. Others are written down. Primarily, my stories are conveyed via photographs and film.

My stories have been published, in newspapers and in books. They have appeared in e-mail and on the web and have been shared on social media platforms. Some of these stories hang in frames on the wall.

A good story inspires. It entertains. It provokes a visceral response.

If you’re looking for someone to craft your stories, to distill your vision into words and images that make you really feel something, please get in touch. You’ll be glad you did.


A Photographer

The great Ansel Adams famously observed that, "you don't take a photograph, you make it."

In a recent critique of my work, the reviewer noted, "…a strong intent for reforming reality," further citing my use of  "peculiar composition present[ing] an unexpected moment. The line between real and unreal is blurred."

I don't know that I'm clever enough to have quite described my portfolio in that way, but reading the critique, I found myself nodding and thinking, "this person truly understands my work."

I've long described my photographic style as rhapsodic.

As with music where a rhapsody has an improvised quality, I aim to deliver a sense of spontaneity in my work, while at the the same time ordering and presenting images in a seemingly organic flow from one to the next. 

And just as with rhapsodic literature, I hope to convey an impassioned, abundant enthusiasm for the subjects and themes I frequently return to. 

I hope that you see in my work a commanding use of color and vignettes that convey a surreal, dreamlike quality and cinematic urgency.


A Cineaste

My interest in photography, paradoxically perhaps, grew from my love of the cinema.

I’ve been long enamored with the films of Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles—among countless others.

The cinematography of Gordon Willis—particularly on films like The Godfather and Manhattan—was my first realization in the artistic importance of lens-work. 

I’ve tried to channel this inspiration, to present images with a cinematic flavor, and that tell a story—or rather where each images tells the single frame of a much larger story.

Recent Accolades

500px and Neil Dankoff Photography Competition

My photo of the First Avenue Subway Station was selected as a runner-up in the category  In the City


My portrait of Michelle Wood was selected for the shortlist in the Two Toned Quest

Lens Culture

My street photo was selected by editors to be featured in the Street Photography Awards 2021 competition gallery. 

Life Framer

My portrait of Michelle Wood was selected as an inspiration for the Humans of the World competition.  

Life Framer

My image of the Atlantic Ocean at night was selected as an Editors' Pick in the Face of the Earth competition.  

Lens Culture

My noir-inspired image of a praying mantis was selected by editors to be featured in the Black & White Photography Awards 2021 competition gallery. 

Lens Culture

My portrait of Kasheem Peterson was selected by editors to be featured in the Portrait Awards 2022 competition gallery, and on Facebook and Instagram.  

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