Marvel Universe of Super Heroes, The Franklin Institute / by Tim Gerdes

Photos from a visit to Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Marvel Comics #1

Mark III Iron Man Armor

Iron Man, I love you 3000.

Mark XLII Iron Man Armor

Cap’s Vibranium Shield

Captain America’s Suit

Black Widow

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Loki’s Helmet

Thor and Hela Costumes with Mjolnir


Black Panther

While the Doctor Strange section of the exhibit looked cool, it was essentially a mirrored fun house and I walked into the wall more than once.

The Ancient One’s Costume, Philadelphia’s Own Mirrorverse

Captain Marvel’s Kree Starforce Uniform

I Am Groot

The Ben Franklin National Memorial, The Franklin Institute Rotunda